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36-Hour Driving Program

This program consists of 30-hours classroom instruction along with 6 hours of behind the wheel training. This is the minimum instruction required by law in the state of Maryland.


The first unit teaches all the processes needed to get licensed in Maryland. Other units include information about general driving skills, driving on highways, and about alcohol and how it increases driver impairment. There is a final test upon completion of the 30 hours.


Woman, Driver Improvement Program

You have 6 hours behind the wheel with a certified MVA instructor in a driving school vehicle. The 6 hours is divided into 3 appointments following the 30-hour instruction. Each appointment lasts 2 hours. We cover small roads, highway, parking maneuvers, lane changes, and right and left turns, among other driving skills. This program is a requirement.


Driver's Improvement Program

You are sent to this special program, which will prevent your license from being suspended, by a judge or MVA.

When you complete the program, we will send completion information to the MVA within 24 hours to update your record.

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